EA Going The Extra Mile For Steven Spielberg's Game

Yes, yes. We know. Steven Spielberg plays video games. Okay, GOT IT. But one thing we are somewhat iffy about: Why is he making games for Electronic Arts? Dude could make games anywhere. EA isn't dumb, so the company wants the upcoming Wii title BOOM BLOX to be a hit. EA wants everything to work for Steven! As EA employee and BOOM BLOX executive producer Louis Castle points out, the company pulled out all the stops:

We brought in the best computer scientists and we working on analyzing the data you get from the Wii remote. That was actually a very, very difficult problem involving lots of calculus. So many Wii games record just what the Wiimote is doing without much thought about or at least computation about what it was intended by the player. We've put a lot of thought and energy into what was intended by the consumer.

It's like EA have never done a Wii title before. Think the company would be doing this for a non-Spielberg title? Hilarious!
Making Games With Steven [BBC via Go Nintendo][Pic]


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