EA Modelled Their Recent Restructure On Rockstar

OK, so billions of dollars haven't convinced anyone from Take-Two to sell. Time to get with the flattery, which EA must believe will get them somewhere. During the conference call from earlier today, EA boss John Riccitiello was positively gushing over T2's star stable, and how they served as a big inspiration when it came to restructuring the publishing giant:

I would note that we have enormous respect for Rockstar, and the leadership at Rockstar - this is an organisation and leadership team that has survived at least six CEO transitions in the last five years.

So under any circumstances they've got staying power and they are resilient. I would also point out that our label structure in many ways is inspired by some of the work that has taken place within Rockstar, and Sam Houser's particular beliefs on how these things ought to work...so I think we'd represent a good home for them.

Well, nobody else thinks that, so let's all hope flattery gets them nowhere, eh?


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