EA Officially Alerts Us To Red Alert 3

And thus with a special edition of the Command & Conquer Battlecast, EA officially announces Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3, a game many of us have been waiting seven years for. This installment sees the Soviet Union going back in time to try and change history in their favor, resulting in an alternate time line where World War III is raging between the Soviets, the Allies, and the new Empire of the Rising Sun faction. Expect over the top technology to be the norm, with "Tesla Coils, transforming tanks, war blimps, and armored bears. Armoured bears? Yes! The game will also feature a first for the RTS genre - a fully co-op story campaign. Definitely worth the wait! Check out the screens and concept art in the gallery below, or hit the jump for the official press release, which includes info on the beta invites to be packaged with C&C 3: Kane's Wrath.

Red Alert 3Red Alert 3Red Alert 3 Concept


    I so cannot wait, RA2 is probably my all time favorite game.

    The third faction is japan.

    Armoured bears FTW!

    BTW, any idea if the beta keys will be avalible in australia?

    It better be good to beat SC2.

    I feel like punching both those guys in the video in the face then smashing any children or loved ones with a metal pipe.

    ps woot ra3.

    "Cough"Starcraft 2"COUGH"

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