EA Splits Up Orange Box For Retail

orangesplit.jpgIf you're one of the five PC gamers on the planet who didn't suck it up and join Steam in order snag the contents of The Orange Box individually rather than go for the total package, you're in luck. During yesterday's conference call to investors, EA revealed plans to deliver Portal, Team Fortress 2, and Half-Life 2: Episode 2 to retail shelves individually by March. No details on the pricing, but VideoGamer.com's suggestion that they would stay in line with current Steam prices seems like a sound one. I firmly believe that $US 50-60 for a chance to play through the sublime goodness of Portal alone was well worth the price, so a potential $US 19.99 is a steal, though let's face it...if you haven't played through Portal yet and your PC is fully capable there is something seriously wrong with you.

Orange Box contents to be separated at retail [VideoGamer.com]


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