EA Will Amend MoH: Heroes 2 Manual, No Plans To Stop It Happening Again

mohh2.jpgWell, we all know the sad fate of Medal of Honor: Heroes 2 multiplayer functionality. Your options? Put up with the lack of support, or return your copy to its place of purchase for a refund.

But what is EA's plan to rectify the situation for potential buyers? Here's what the local office had to say:

Moving forward, MoH Heroes 2 Australian game packs will remain the same and an amended manual with the correction will be included in place of the current manual.

It still boggles the mind as to how this slipped through the cracks. A new manual is great, but I think multiplayer would be better. Obviously.

EA had no comment regarding how it would avoid this sort of error in the future, or indeed, if its upcoming Wii titles will have online support in Oz. I'd hate to see this become the norm.


    To my brethren down there in Oz -

    Return this game in droves. Especially if it's full price.

    The controls are great, but not enough to justify playing another WWII shooter without online.

    Rent it for a weekend and send it back if you want to experience the controls (unless they yanked the wiimote controls as well).

    My question is - did they yank the PSP's online MP?

    Get the refund if you bought this game. It's just wrong to pull this sort of crap. And Online is a huge part of this game.

    "EA had no comment regarding how it would avoid this sort of error in the future"

    That's working on the presumption this was an error. I don't think it was. I think cheap and lazy ports just hit a cheap and lazy low.

    So I guess closing my eyes and wishing it ain't so won't work? Because I got a pony last time.

    *groan* Yet Another nail in the coffin of ‘online’ play.

    Bottom line is EA is too cheap to fork out the cost of some server hosting in Australia, you think they could have cut a deal with Nintendo to use their servers.

    This would not be so insulting if the company didn't make multi millions each year so EA can easily afford it!

    This makes me mad as all get out.
    i was looking forward to buying this game, now i refuse to play it full stop.

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