EA/T2 Rumblings = Cash Money For Other Struggling Publishers

The seemingly inevitable acquisition of Take 2 by Electronic Arts is having an impact on more than just those two. The move, which comes only a few months after Activision teamed up with Blizzard, has set investors hearts aflutter at the prospect of further mergers/acquisitions, with the stocks of three troubled publishers - THQ, Atari & Midway - seeing huge gains (around 10% each) on the back of the EA/T2 news. While Phil Harrison might console himself with the thought it was rumours of his switch that propelled Atari's spike, the more probable explanation is that those are the three publishers most likely to be snapped up if a big buyer enters the gaming market.
THQ, Midway, Atari stocks surge on EA's bid for Take-Two [Variety]


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