Echochrome To Cost Twice As Much On PSP Than PS3?

Here's something disconcerting if it pans out as true: Siliconera reports that Echochrome will cost more than double for a UMD PSP ($US 37) version than a downloadable PSN/PS3 version ($US 17) when released on March 19th in Japan. While we've seen similar pricing discrepancies with downloadable vs. retail versions of Warhawk, that price difference included a headset for online chat.

The questions then become, are these two versions identical and will the game support Remote Play? And if so, just how much is it worth to have a UMD? UPDATE: Siliconera updated their post, pointing out that PSP Echochrome has twice the levels. I guess that explains the price difference.

PS3 Echochrome costs 50% less than PSP Echochrome [Siliconera via OpposableThumbs]


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