Edge Asks If Microsoft Is Losing Their...Edge

Edge has published an impressively complete analysis on the Xbox 360's viability in today's marketplace. While a few thousand words too long to do proper justice here (that means, yes, you should take the time to click the link and read it), Edge essentially states that with every major advantage Microsoft has gained, they've managed to shoot themselves in the foot.

Whether it's dominating with LIVE (but charging for a service that proved unreliable last holiday season), selling 18 million consoles (but with unacceptably high failure rates) or building an incredible platform with XBLA (but accessing retro-seeking consumers more than family casual gamers)—Edge argues that Microsoft is on shaky ground when, with just a few tweaks, it could step to a more stable position. Sure, it's an article with more questions than answers, but it's worth a read for the Xbox 360 fanboy and Xbox 360 hater alike.

FEATURE: Is Xbox 360 Past Its Peak? [NextGeneration]


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