Eight-Core Motherboard Will Destroy Games, Scare Small Children

Me, I've got a single core processor sitting on my motherboard. Just the one. Was thinking of upgrading to a quad-core later this year, but now, I don't know. That notion's coming under very close scrutiny after this monstrosity was announced today, most likely to coincide with the official unveiling of the PC Gaming Alliance: Intel's eight-core processor, officially dubbed the Intel Dual Socket Extreme Desktop Platform, but more awesomely known as the Skulltrail. Eight cores? Was man meant to reach such dizzying heights? We are but Icarus, flying too close to the sun...It's targeted specifically at gamers, and sure, it's $US 649, but for that price you can plug two quad-core processors into it, which when combined with support for both CrossFire and SLI graphics cards should be enough to melt both your face and you wallet.
Eight-Core Intel Skulltrail Motherboard Gets Official, Is the Biggest, Baddest, Gaming Motherboard Around [Gizmodo AU]


    yes, but will it play doom?

    amazing !!:)

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