Electronic Arts Taking On G.I. Joe

If you're still left wanting from today's earlier announcement that EA has struck a deal with Hasbro to bring Littlest Pet Shop and Nerf N-Strike to the Wii, perhaps you'll perk up for news on a game you actually want to play. Say, G.I. Joe, for example, which Variety says is part of the EA-Hasbro alliance and should ship alongside the film adaptation of the cartoon in Summer 2009. Details are scarce, but in the EA fashion, we expect it come to every platform under the sun. We certainly hope for it to be better than EA's Catwoman.

Hopefully, it won't just be relegated to mobile phones and Pogo.com, instead featuring billions of red lasers and blue lasers generating next-gen sparks, ultimately missing every single intended target. Sure, the G.I. Joe movie may have a few head-scratching choices, but that doesn't mean our inner eight year olds aren't wicked psyched.

EA develops Hasbro properties [Variety]


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