Enjoy Video Game Death Reenactments Live

Koresh.jpgThose living in the LA area have the opportunity to partake in one of the weird (read: more awesome) stories we've come across this week. Performance venue Machine Project will be featuring artist Brody Condon...well, we'd best just let the program description tell the rest:

10 performers outfitted in medieval/space/fantasy armor re-create Bruce Nauman's 1973 work "Tony Sinking into the Floor, Face Up and Face Down". Performed in slow motion and combined with movements based on computer game death animations, this piece is accompanied by a high volume binaural beats reputed to induce out of body experiences.

Now that, my friends, is how to spend a Saturday night. The picture here is from a collection Condon made a few years ago using the Unreal Engine.

Performance Information [Machine Project via BoingBoing][image]


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