Epic Can't Quit The Shooters

reinawfulsuitrevistedyetagain1.jpg Epic's games come in two flavors: First person and third person. Mix it up, guys! Can't you make other types of games? You know, games that aren't shooters? Epic honcho Mark Rein says:

We love making shooters, and I'm certain there are still countless ways we can improve in that genre. We look at Gears of War and we see the pimples, we look at UT3 and think 'we should also do this, we should also try that, if only we had more time and more people, we could have done...' so I think we're continually looking at our own games and thinking there are lots of unfinished puzzles left to solve before we move on to something else... There's still a lot of low hanging fruit in this genre — we need to pick some more of that.

And that fruit, dear reader, pays the bills and buys the brown suits.
Mark Rein Interview [Guardian Unlimited]


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