Epic Still Fighting For UT3 Mods on 360

Epic Still Fighting For UT3 Mods on 360
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ut3_logo_sm.jpgAfter finally getting around to loading my copy of UT3 for PS3 last weekend, I can really appreciate just how easily Epic made downloading elements during multiplayer—it feels just as simple as it did years ago on PC. But Epic is still fighting the good fight to bring this same level of PC integration to the Xbox 360 version of their game. From Mark Rein:

…we’re hopeful. Microsoft hasn’t said “no” yet, but then they haven’t said “yes” either. We need them to say “yes,” and we need them to do it soon.

So what happens if Epic can’t strike a deal with Microsoft?

If it doesn’t work out with Xbox 360, depending on sales of the game on that platform, I imagine we’ll find a few of the best mods and get them on Xbox Live Marketplace. I don’t think 360 users are going to suffer drastically – they’re just going to miss out on a lot of crazy, cool fun stuff and the ability to exchange it among themselves. They may also end up paying for content that is free on other systems because Microsoft now has to host it and certify it.

Oohh, that’s pretty much exactly not what we wanted to hear. The Mark Rein interview [Guardian Unlimited via N4G]


  • I’m sure Microsoft will alow user generated content on Xbox Live – They’re just probably still in the process of working out a pricing structure for user created content. Hell, if they can make people pay for a thumbnail of a videogame character, I’m sure they can make people pay for this.

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