Eternity's Child Meets A Girl

Eternity's Child creator Luc Bernard needs to hire himself a PR firm. If he could take half the time he spends sending us updates and apply that towards creating games we'd be up to our armpits in quirky, artsy goodness. His latest email reveals a new playable character in the WiiWare game, and this time it's a girl! A nameless, winged girl who apparently you control at the same time as the main character Angel. Now I was under the impression that the story revolved around Angel - a winged being stripped of his wings at birth to protect him from a society that would kill him - searching for someone like him. If this new character is with him the whole game, isn't his mission accomplished? I'm guessing she is a spirit of some sort. A guardian Angel for Angel? All will be revealed next time Luc emails us.


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