Europe Doesn't Get Smash Bros. Brawl Until Fall?

Brace yourself, PAL region. We know you're used to long waits, but the wait for Super Smash Bros. Brawl may be longer than you thought. According to talk from EGM executive editor Shane Bettenhausen on the most recent 1UP Yours podcast, Europe and it's associated colonies and countries may not get their hands on a localised version of Brawl until the Fall. Or Autumn, if that's your thing.

That bad news, which is apparently straight from Nintendo of America boss Reggie Fils-Aime's mouth, may be one of those things one can chalk up to Wii allocations. That means there could be a strong Wii hardware roll out in the fall across the Atlantic, with a similar flood of Wiis hitting North America for Brawl's March launch. Good news for those still Wii-less, but Euro Wii fans will surely be rioting in the streets. Either that, or enjoying one of its many, many fine outdoor cafes.

1UP Yours [1UP]


    This... is absolutely ridiculous.

    I swear... I this is true, I will chip my Wii and import a copy of the game.

    God. I am so f**king angry right now...

    translating from american to english is obviously a complex drawn out process.

    Now is that the North American "Fall" or our "Autumn"? - there's a 6 month difference between the two..

    Mind you thats probably fall in America land so like not till spring for Australia

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