Europe Gets Two PS3 Bundles (Neither Of Them For MGS4)

You could almost hear it the instant news of the US MGS4 bundle hit: "what about Europe?" Well, sorry, Europe, you're not getting it. Instead, you're getting two bundles of your own. The first has been cobbled together to cash in on Blu-Rays recent Format Wars victory, as it offers the home theatre connoisseur a 40GB console and three Blu-Ray movies (Casino Royale, Spiderman 3 & 300). It'll be available on March 19. The other bundle has been cobbled together for the racing fan, and will include a 40GB unit and a copy of Gran Turismo 5 Prologue. It'll be out on March 28. Both will cost €399, which is alright, but both will also include a single Sixaxis controller, which is not alright.

PS3 : deux nouveaux packs [Jeux-France]


    Maybe these bundles are a sign that Sony is getting rid of their 40GB stock and will finally give PAL gamers a PS3 with true backwards compatibility!!!

    Then again, I could get off the antidepressants and realize that we probably wont see a system like that until 2011 (if ever)

    All i want is a ps3 console that hasn't had any functions or parts taken out of it (Memory card reader, 2 usb drives And of course Backwards compatability) and for a reasonable price
    Come on Sony get with it! you might make some sales if you listen to your potentional customers

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