Fable 2 To Feature Co-Op, XBLA Minigames

Peter Molyneux took the stage this morning to talk more Fable 2, and announce two new features that will be making their way into the game. The first is an interesting one: co-op play. Real co-op play. If you own Fable 2, and a friend of yours owns Fable 2, you can jump into their singleplayer world, play along, then leave. Sort of like Crackdown. Except here, any items or experience you accrue in their game you'll be able to take back to yours. Nifty!

The other feature is a little more unique. A few weeks prior to the release of Fable 2, Lionhead will put out an XBLA title that contains a few gambling minigames. Any and all money you earn in those, you can export into Fable 2 when you get the final game. Sure, it's a neat gimmick, but it's also teaching you a lesson: you don't get money during quests in Fable 2. Because Skeletons in caves don't carry wallets. The only way you can earn money in the game is to either work for it, or win it by gambling.

Add those to the dog and the fact I really dug the first Fable and yes, Peter, despite my best attempts at ignoring your promises, I'm excited for this game.


    I support any game that has true co-op. And by that I mean across the internet, full storyline, co-op. Not splitscreen only cop-out.

    I just hope the feature makes it across to more PC games.. :(

    Pretty neat, hopefully all these things come true. This will be a unique game if they actually have the XBLA type mini-game.

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