Fall In Love With These Team Fortress 2 Valentines

We featured artist Alexandria Neonakis' art last Valentine's Day, but her new series, bringing the best of romantic hokeyness to Team Fortress 2, is even more deserving of some special attention. If you've found yourself without a V-Day card to your name, fire up the old colour inkjet and print out one of her five beautifully rendered cards that feature the Scout, Spy, Heavy, Pyro and Medic, famous for their appearances in Valve's The Orange Box. Amazing how Team Fortress 2 seems applicable to so many holidays.

If you're more of a World of Warcraft, Shadow of the Colossus or Katamari Damacy romantic type, those Valentines are still available.

Art [Nuts N' Beavers - thanks, Tobias!]


    Ah, Valentines day...how fun it is to spend it home alone..

    Well I DO have broadband.

    And there IS a large internet out there.

    And I CAN lie about my age to get into certain sites..


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