Fire Emblem, Harvest Moon Dated By Nintendo Australia

Fire Emblem, Harvest Moon Dated By Nintendo Australia

fire_emblem_left.jpgNintendo Australia has announced release dates for Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn and Harvest Moon Magical Melody. According to the info, Harvest Moon is due on April 3, while Fire Emblem fans can expect the goods on April 10.

Yes, we’ve had to wait a while for Fire Emblem. But it’s here. Almost. It’s hard to imagine Japanese gamers have been playing it since February of last year. Let’s hope Nintendo is working hard on sorting out that whole “localisation” thing.

You can find links to the product pages below.

Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
Harvest Moon Magical Melody


  • Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t HM:Magical Melody a GC game that never got released here? Have they just rebranded it for Australia and tacked on some Wii controls in a half arsed port?

    What does the rest of the world get? (Apart from games released on a decent schedule that is)

  • Good to see Fire Emblem finaly get an Aussie release, but its sad because that means we wont be getting Brawl until at least May if not even longer.

  • Pathetic. I imported a copy of Magical Melody for the Gamecube when it was initially released back in, what, 2006, early 2007? Picked it up brand new for $30. It’s a good game but waiting nearly ywo years to play a barely enhanced version for triple the price is a sick joke.

    Anyway, when’s the proper Harvest Moon Wii getting a local release?

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