Five Amazing, Foul-Mouthed Gaming Temper Tantrums

Put your headphones on for this one, as GamerHelp collects the top five batshit insane gaming freak outs ever to be caught on video. You may have seen some of them, including the chocolate milk demanding brat who verbally berated his mom via Xbox Live, but they're all worth watching again. The above, featuring a Halo fan who drops more f-bombs than a 2 Live Crew double album says it best when he says "$#!%! Shut the @!#[email protected]! up! Who the @!#[email protected]! is driving that Warthog? Bull$#!%!! *girly screech* @!#[email protected]! you! @!#[email protected]! you! Waaaaaagggghh!! Noooo!" Packed to the gills with NSFW language, regardless of your native tongue.

The 5 Greatest Gamer Temper Tantrums [GamerHelp via Digg]


    And this is why I don't play FPS's....

    All I can say is that these guys have severe psychological issues. This is not a good selling point for X-Box Live and is certainly a primary reason why I never signed up for this service

    Correction, this is why you don't play X-box Live!

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