Flagship’s David Glenn on Independent Studio Success

hellgate_1.jpgSumea caught up with Flagship Studios’ David Glenn at last year’s Game Connect event down in Melbourne. Instead of staring at him like some sort of Egyptian god or throwing underpants at him, an interview was requested instead.

Here’s what Glenn had to say about starting up shop after the core team parted ways with Blizzard:

We only had nine of us. So our whole goal that first year was just to put together the basic foundation of the game and start the company and find a publisher and all that, so it really helped us in negotiations, because we didn’t need anybody’s money right away, we could work, and create the game we wanted to create and shop it around.

There’s the secret to success folks. Work for a really big games developer, make lots of money, then decide to start your own studio. It’s so simple!
Sumea Interviews David Glenn, Art Director with Flagship Studios [Sumea]


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