Forbes Predicts Future Classics

Forbes Predicts Future Classics

The financial minds at Forbes have taken off their big business hats for a moment to focus on a more pressing topic: classic video games. Which of today’s titles will become immortalised in our hearts, marble statue-ised into our next Super Mario Bros 3s that we can’t put down a decade later? Well, they’ve compiled a list of their top ten and it’s…actually not that bad. And of course, Mario has made an appearance.

Portal Brain Age 2 Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass BioShock Puzzle Quest Rock Band Super Mario Galaxy Wii Sports The Witcher WoW: Burning Crusade

Needless to say, a fiery debate will rage in the comments and give this list a good sorting. I’m actually not so sure about BioShock, of all choices, as single player FPS experiences don’t seem to stand the test of time (meanwhile, multiplayer is a whole different story).

And now that the industry has become so successful at creating high quality, more polished sequels, will any of these titles really be in play a decade from now?

The Future Of Videogames
[Forbes via WiiWii]


  • When is the last time you went back and played Half Life again just for the hell of it. I question Bioshock on there too, it was a great game but I haven’t wanted to play it again. Halo 1 I’ve gone back and played some levels again for kicks. Sid Meier’s Pirates! god I’ve gone back and played that to death a bunch of times. I’m surprised Guitar Hero didn’t make the list. Nice to see an Oz game on there – Puzzle Quest, it’s tormenting me now.

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