Forget Wal-Mart: Toshiba Giving Up On HD-DVD?

Forget Wal-Mart: Toshiba Giving Up On HD-DVD?

Well, I guess we can’t blame the domination of the Blu-ray format on everyone’s (least) favorite superstore, at least according to some sources: Toshiba is supposedly conceding defeat and withdrawing from the next gen DVD market. It should be noted that Toshiba has not made any official comment. A number of Kotakuites have sent us the Japanese source NHK and Reuters articles that are brief and to the point, citing an (anonymous) internal Toshiba source: Toshiba’s been losing the war and is giving up, with official details to follow later.

The company said it will continue to sell HD-DVD products for a while but will stop further development of HD DVD. Meanwhile, it said its DVD factories in Aomori Prefecture, northern Japan, would be closed.

Market observers said that Toshiba could suffer a loss of hundreds of millions of US dollars.

Ouch, if it’s true.

Toshiba plans to withdraw from HD-DVD production [NHK]and Toshiba to give up on HD DVD, end format war [Reuters]

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