Former Boy Band Singer in Tekken Movie

That long-in-development-hell Tekken lugs closers to the big screen. The movie version has been kicked around Hollywood since 2002 with Sony Pictures' Screen Gems now holding the distribution rights. Back in October, Variety reported that Free Willy 2 director Dwight Little (yeah, we know) would be helming the forthcoming project. Now, apparently it has at least one actor. On the official page of former boy band singer Luke Goss, the adminstrator posted that Goss would be taking on the role of Brit Tekken 4 fighter, Steve Fox. After his band Bros broke up, Goss (above, with twin brother) went on to appear in flicks like Blade II and Hellboy 2. Let's hope the producers can work fringe leather vests, acid washed jeans and keyboard playing into the flick.

Oh, for those not familiar with Bros, hit the jump for a special treat:

Yes, this guy is gonna be in Tekken and Tekken will somehow be better. If this movie doesn't have a musical number, we will be so disappointed.

Tekken News [Luke Goss Official Site via GameSpot][Pic]


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