FPS Dying Makes People Feel Better

While "attorney" Jack Thompson keeps going on and on about games a "murder simulators," Finnish researchers beg to differ. In an article published in the journal Emotion, the researchers state that players actually feel a sense of relief when their characters are killed, giving them a "relief from engagement." Quite the opposite! What's more, the research states that players didn't become desensitised to in-game killing over multiple play sessions and had lower negative feelings about violence. Hrm, we think the feeling of "relief from engagement" is a two way street: Players probably feel some relief after they mow through a buncha bad guys. So, not sure how accurate this is, but what we are sure about is these Finnish folks are actually researchers and that Jack Thompson is actually bonkers. Take this data for what it's worth!
FPS Players Feel Better [Game Critics via Boing Boing Thanks, Chef!]


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