After the Star Wars: Force Unleashed presentation, we sat tight in the Lucas Arts auditorium to check out some bits of their new game, Fracture. Lucas Arts has been working with Day One studios to create what they hope will be a fresh new IP in their corral. Unfortunately from what I saw it doesn't seem to be much of a contender, at least at this point. The story is based around a future Civil War over genetic engineering and the bits that we saw took place in the San Francisco of the future. The battle mechanic is all involved with manipulating terrain. Weapons can be used to rain down rocks on your enemies, giant spikes of earth can be brought up to repair bridges or hills can be created to block you from enemy fire. Giant vortexes can also be created that will sink the earth, dragging in everything around it.

The graphics while nice, seem pretty generic in that space opera kind of way we are getting so used to with titles like Mass Effect. Nothing really stood out about them and they really could have been part of any modern space game. Frankly the parts of the gameplay that we did see just seemed to involve raising or lowering grounds to suit your needs and came off seeming a bit like a Mass Effect game with a Populous battle system. There will be a multiplayer mode but if the game continues as is, I doubt that will do much to sell the title. The consensus of the gathered media seemed to be one of general ambivalence so I hope that something can be done to make Fracture a bit more intriguing the next time we see it. I also can't help but think if we had seen this before watching the awesome Force Unleashed presentation instead of after it might not have come off seeming so inferior.


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