Frontier Brings LostWinds To WiiWare

With WiiWare sharing Nintendo's GDC focus along with WiiFit and Smash Bros., I'd expect to see plenty of WiiWare game announcements in the next couple of days, like this one, for Frontier Developments' LostWinds. The game puts you in control of the wind via Enril the wind spirit, who is guiding a young boy named Toku on a quest to lift a curse placed on the world of Mistralis by someone named Balasar. Use the wind to create anything from tornados to gentle breezes, powering Toku's jumps, letting him glide, and helping him smash enemies. The game looks rather pretty, and if the mechanics work out it could be a huge hit, or it could blow as hard as Kya: Dark Lineage for the PS2, that other wind game.



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