Frontlines To Support 50 Player Matches

When does a game slip from multiplayer to massively multiplayer? Devs on the Kaos Studios forums have confirmed that Frontlines: Fuel of War is getting dangerously close, with both PC and Xbox 360 versions supporting up to 50 players in multiplayer matches when the game is released later this month, moving the title from 'meh' to must-buy on many a gamer's shopping lists - including my own. Not only do I revel in the sort of chaos two 25 man teams can cause when outfitted with futuristic weapons and set loose on the battlefield, 50 players means I have plenty of room to suck without being noticed. Don't worry PS3 players. Though Frontlines was canceled for your console, you're still getting Resistance 2 with 60 player support somewhere down the line, so it's all good.

50 PLAYER CAP for Multiplayer?! [Kaos Studios Community Forum via Eurogamer]


    I cant find a Australian match with alor of people in it. I can only find them with 3-5 people . Why doesn KAOS host aussie dedicated servers?

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