Game Success Leads To Arrest

You couldn't make this stuff up. A Dehli Louisiana man found himself under arrest early Monday morning after calling his friend to brag about winning an unidentified Xbox game. 29-year-old Thomas Ballard rang up his pal in the middle of the night to proudly exclaim, "I have killed them all!" Unfortunately he dialed the wrong number, and the woman on the other end called the police. While they of course found no sign of foul play Ballard's residence, they did, in the process of their investigation, discover a 5-year-old warrant from Baton Rouge on a failure to appear in court following a possession of cocaine charge. Police took Ballard into custody, where he is awaiting extradition to Baton Rouge.

"It was weird the way this all came down," (Sgt. Julie) Lewis said Tuesday. "This isn't something you could just make up."


Video Gamer's 'I Have Killed Them All' Call Leads to Arrest [FOXNews - Thanks Kite!]


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