GAME Thinks Wrath of The Lich King, StarCraft 2, Out By November

GAME Thinks Wrath of The Lich King, StarCraft 2, Out By November
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Educated guesses by the store manager or head office? Most likely. Regardless, GAME is under the impression that Wrath of the Lich King, the second expansion to Blizzard’s MMO World of Warcraft, along with the company’s RTS StarCraft 2, will be with us in September and November of this year, respectively.

Hey, it’s all speculation at this point (as you can see, GAME has put its own “dates are subject to change” disclaimer on the bottom), but if the games did come out in the months predicted here, I reckon we should make a point of finding out how they were accurate.

[Thanks PurpleSfinx for the photo… and sexy reflect-o-porn]


  • No surprises here, really. They’re probably just guesses, but they align pretty well with estimates.

    Wrath of the Lich King is pretty much guaranteed to be out this year. Blizzard have said Patch 2.4 isn’t too far off, and that it will be the last major version increment before WotLK (which one assumes will bring the version numbering up to 3.0). Assuming that 2.4 arrives in March/April or so, September lines up pretty nicely. They’re generally very good at pacing their release of new content.

    Starcraft II looks reasonably playable and solid in the stuff we saw even when they first announced it, plus they won’t be making huge changes to the gameplay from its predecessor – they wouldn’t want to alienate Korea. If it doesn’t come out by the end of the year it would be a surprise, and generally stuff in December can get forgotten in the Christmas rush so late November would be the best bet. Though then again, Blizzard could release the game at any time they wanted and it would sell millions, guaranteed. I’d sure hate to be their competition if I was publishing an RTS at the same time.

  • at the risk of stating the blindingly obvious..

    blizzard releasing the two (arguably) more successful IPs from their portfolio, of which the targeted audiences would more than likely overlap to an exponential degree? makes all the ingredients for blizzard shotgunning themselves in the face (at least from a business perspective)… and we all know blizzard are much smarter than that.

    personally if it were true, i’m not sure that would be a good thing anyway… the world will have to prepare for the biggest slump in productivity that the iGeneration has ever faced, as people all around the world call in sick and wag class just to kekeke 6ling rush you into rabid frustration.

  • “Thanks PurpleSfinx for the photo”
    Haha, I now consider myself a professional gaming journalist 😛 *updates resume*

    “and sexy reflect-o-porn”
    And a professional reflection porn star. Think every fetish has been done in porno? THINK AGAIN. The DVD’s will be available by the end of March. *updates resume again*

    Seriously though, if Blizzard get those both out before christmas, but with a reasonable gap between them (so that every man and his dog can buy both), they’ll be absolutely raking it in. Then again we all know how prone Blizzard are to delays – and none of us blame them ’cause they produce a quality product every time. Still, it might be a good indication of the general release times at the very least.

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