GameSpot’s New EIC On Gerstmann, Moving On

GameSpot’s New EIC On Gerstmann, Moving On

gamespotblacklogo.jpgYou couldn’t pay me enough to take Ricardo Torres’ job. The newly promoted Editor-in-Chief of GameSpot took up the reins of the site in the wake of Gerstmann-gate, with community trust at an all time low and the eyes of the internet watching their every move. GameDaily’s Kyle Orland discusses the trials and tribulations of stepping into this new position with Torres in his weekly Media Coverage segment, touching on the future of GameSpot, competing with upstart gaming blogs (*whistles innocently*), sketchy advertising policies and of course, Jeff Gerstmann.

“GameSpot’s gone through quite a few bumps in the road over the years. I know Jeff’s fans are upset and I know people are upset over the perception and how it all played out. Really, the best thing that we can do is to just show them that we’re good at what we do. Ultimately content is going to prove to people that we’re untainted, uncorrupt and committed to serving our readers.”

I cannot imagine the pressure the poor guy must be under, what with company morale definitely at a low point and the awesome amount of scrutiny everything GameSpot does is currently under. On top of all of that, Torres still has to find time to write…which is arguably the first passion of any member of the gaming press. If you took away video games from me, I would still write about anything I could get my hands on – movies, my cats, milk…whatever. Take away writing and I’d just about go insane, possibly driving to Colorado to set up camp outside a certain bird-shirt wearing fellow’s house. Just saying.

I’m going to try to balance it out. I’m going to try and still do some writing. I’m in this business because I like games, and I’d be really sad if I wound up taking a position where I couldn’t play them. The chef wants to sit down every once in a while and try recent cooking, so this is my hope.

I truly wish him the best of luck with that. Hit up the link below for the full interview, which offers up some interesting insight into what it means to be in charge of a massive gaming site like GameSpot.

Media Coverage: Meet the Games Press: Ricardo Torres [GameDaily]

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