Gametech Sound Shell DLite Sinks Japan Into Ocean

ds_lite_case_speakers.jpgFor those who are looking for a little more "oomph" in their DSing, the $US 30 Gametech Sound Shell DLite will provide "all that, and a bag of potato chips." Featuring two AA-powered speakers and adding a handy fold-out stand, your now-clunky DS will match your new Dr. Martens now that they are back in style.

But our main issue with the DLite isn't its added bulk. Our main issue is that the DS already seems to play sound very effectively from its existing speakers—probably because developers go through lengths to design sound around them, cutting the need for a decent subwoofer.

gametech_sound_shell_dlite_stand.jpgGametech DLite It's like one of those novelty fat stripper birthday shiny white plastic form.
[Gametech via technabob]


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