Gerstmann On X-Play Tonight

Jeff Gerstmann of Gerstmann-gate fame will be making his first television appearance since his dismissal from GameSpot tonight at 8PM Eastern time on G4's newly revamped X-Play. Gerstman will be on hand to discuss the lack of innovation in Japanese gaming, a topic that was recently brought to light via a Gamasutra interview with Konami sound director Akira Yamaoka. As expected, Gerstmann will also discuss his abrupt departure from GameSpot, because that's really the gist of why he's appearing on the show in the first place. Otherwise the little press blurb we got from G4 wouldn't have been sent with the title "JEFF GERSTMANN'S FIRST TV APPEARANCE". I hope I get half as popular as Jeff does when Crecente finally fires me.


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