Get Me My Agent

To: Ash
From: Crecente
Re: Toothpaste, that's good stuff.

Let's see, how to put this... you're a freak.

So my son has been on vacation this month thanks to his year-round school schedule. This week he's been mostly trip and outting-free, meaning that he's sort of driving Trish and I crazy. But yesterday an eerie calm settled over him. He sat at his desk for literally hours typing away, one carefully selected peck at a time. After working at his keyboard for a chunk of the day he printed out something and brought it in to me to read. It was the first draft of the first page.. really the first couple of paragraphs, of a story called Commander Robo.

The story, from what I could tell, was about a hamster jet fighter pilot who crashes in the rain and needs to find his way to safety amidst a ferocious hail storm. After he finished reading it to me I asked if I could have the print out, you know to save for when he gets old.

He said no.

"I need to give it to my agent."

WTF? I don't even have a damn agent.

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