Glupod - A Game About Saving Real Lives

We've seen plenty of flash games and indie games that address the issue of world hunger and the environment, but Ioannis Tsiokos of Athens Greece and Something, Inc. are launching a game that lets you do something about it. Glupod, which launches May 30th worldwide, is a casual online game where players choose a birdlike creature called a glupod, choose a child or cause to sponsor, and then compete against players from around the world for a currency called glucs, which can be recycled into real money and support for your sponsored cause. It sounds sort of like NeoPets, only with a purpose.

"A Glupod gamer has a real purpose and a human mission," says Ioannis, managing director and co-founder of Something Inc. "Glupod is more than a game. It's a simple, fun way to do good that anyone with a computer and access to the Internet can participate in."

What an excellent idea! stirring the competitive nature of gamers - even casual gamers - and applying it to real-world issues. I approve wholeheartedly. I tried to find more details on how the actual financial transaction works, but I've yet to find anything concrete. The money has to come from somewhere though, and I am assuming there will be some way to charge your glucs to a credit card or some such.

You can head over to right now and sign up for the newsletter, which grants you a free glupod upon the game's official launch. Not sure what the actual game bit entails, but I'm sure it'll be something simple and casual. Let's just hope they have a backup plan in case the player sucks. "Sorry little Naboo, your player lost. We're going to need that food back."

Yes, my imaginary sponsored child is named after a Star Wars planet.

Glupod: Online Game Lets Players Save Real Lives

ATHENS, Greece, February 25/PRNewswire/ — If you could help end world hunger, save endangered species or reverse global warming by having fun playing a game online, would you do it? Beginning this summer, you can.

A small group of socially conscious people from three continents have developed an online game designed to help the environment and fight poverty in the real world by turning game rewards into real-life help for social and environmental causes.

The game, called Glupod, will debut worldwide on May 30. It's the brainchild of Ioannis Tsiokos of Athens and a small band of colleagues at Something, Inc. who collaborate online from Greece, India, the United States and the United Kingdom.

Glupod players will be able to provide food for a starving child in Africa, protection for a whale species going extinct or offset carbon emissions and help fight global warming - all by playing Glupod, the first Video Game to deliver direct emotional fulfillment to the player.

In a nutshell, Glupod gives gamers a variety of real-world causes to choose from and enables them to convert their in-game winnings into actual help for that cause.

"Being a casual game at its core, Glupod is a simple and emotional online experience that both children and adults can enjoy in their free time" says George Rokas, an angel investor in Something Inc. "Glupod fosters human fulfillment by enabling players to make substantial difference in the world in small chunks of time. Giving back has never been so much fun."


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