GTA IV: Reinventing a World

Tucked away in a secluded bungalow in West Hollywood's Châteaux Marmont, a hotel as famous for those who stay there as it is infamous for those who have died there, a world reimagined comes into focus.

Standing hands akimbo, a nonplussed expression planted firmly on his almost cel-shaded face, Niko Bellic could easily be a touched-up still. But it's no bullshot. The world around Bellic is bustling with activity: Bits of trash float on a digital drift of wind, people walk by, cars cruise in and out of the shot, an almost familiar skyline fills the hazy background. A palette of city sounds laid over this living diorama completes the effect.

"We decided we wanted to go back to the basics and reimagine the world," Jeronimo Barrera, Rockstar Games Vice President of Product Development, says. "The results have been incredible."


    I read this whole post, and it was cool - thanks alot Kotaku. I look forward to playing this but I just don't know if I want to spend another $100 to play another 3rd person driving and shooting game in the SAME city I've bought twice already. People complained that Halo 3 was just Halo 2.5, but at least it had new environments. Anyway, posts like these help me see what they've added and what they've changed. Hopefully it's enough.

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