Guitar Hero Carabiner Rocks Little

Activision's Guitar Hero licensing fest continues as they team up with toy maker Basic Fun for the Guitar Hero Carabiner. This pocketable Guitar Hero is about 7-inches long—75% smaller than the original controller—and it folds up even smaller to prevent dreaded unintentional pant-tenting.

But we're left wondering, why the hell is that neck attached in the first place if you aren't using the frets? The LCD streams notes ala Guitar Hero, but the frets tower above the system, unused and waiting to scratch someone's elbow bad. Do we really need the whole guitar if we aren't using it?

Songs include Smoke on the Water, Rock this Town, Cherry Pie, Killer Queen, You've Got Another Thing Comin', Miserlou, Heart Shaped Box, Message in a Bottle, Jessica, and Surrender. And at $US 14.99, we can only assume that those songs absolutely rock through the system's tiny speaker.

Pocket Sized Guitar Hero Arcade Game
[ChipChick via Technabob]


    how thef*** do you use thid?

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