Guitar Hero III Wii Disc Swap Plan Leaves Gamers Discless

When Activision shipped Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock for Wii sans promised Dolby Pro Logic surround sound, audiophiles were pissed. Rightly so, we thought. The ensuing replacement plan, which would provide affected Wii owners saddled with mono sound with a replacement disc, was welcome, but was soon followed by the bitter taste of bad customer service.

Now that those seeking a remastered copy of Guitar Hero III are getting their fulfillment forms, they probably find themselves thrice screwed. Seems Activision will take a good three to four weeks to supply Wii owners with a working-as-promised copy and only after they've sent in their current discs. No doubt those in possession of the Wii version of the game will enjoy staring at their empty DVD cases for a good month.

Looks like another case of EA and MTV getting something right with Rock Band, with Activision leaving customers high and dry. Thanks for the pics, Mike.


    how do you get the Replacement copy in Australia. This is Bull S**t. There is nothing on the Activision AU site about it.

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