Guitar Hero Vs. Open Mic Night

Guitar Hero tournies have been floating around bars since the game's inception, and the trend has only grown since. But not everyone is so happy about the popularity of drunks pretending to be rockstars on stage—namely musicians. And while these comments were just from one guy who liked to jam at one bar, we have a feeling that he speaks for a multitude of others.

Yea, it's fun. Yea, it's cool and difficult to master (nowhere near on the level of a real musical instrument), and yea it's an escape from your miserable existance [sic]but it's not something I want to see LIVE ONSTAGE in a venue that should have a REAL musician Performing! Anyone who has even the slightest bit of culture and refinement would agree. GUITAR HERO belongs in the home, at house parties or in a Frathouse basement but it DOES NOT BELONG AT HUMPY'S GREAT ALASKAN ALEHOUSE, REPLACING OPEN MIC MONDAYS!!!!!

Oh, and Humpy's actually exists, by the way. This only gets better.

And I can play a guitar pretty Damn well...A REAL guitar that is..So you mean to tell me, watching some drunk ass GI or Fratboy attempting to play "Sweet Child O Mine" on a guitar shaped GAME CONTROLLER,. flubbing notes at that, is a more soulful experience then hearing me play and sing? IF so, FUCK YOU! That's what I have to Say...That says it all. Remember....We Reap what we sow and we've got some major fucking problems. I say we who do give a shit, need to vote with our wallets.


Well? You heard the man. Hit the link for the full message board rant and a multi-page response.

Now I'm Losing Gigs To GUITAR HERO!


    Dear genric stuggling musician, I'm sorry that my hobby is gaining more popularity than your hobby, and that the places where you used to get gigs are busy entertaining thier CUSTOMERS with my hobby rather than yours.

    Please note the key word here is hobby and not PROFFESION. Your not getting gigs because of guitar hero at pubs, but because of the music industry itself and the difficulty in finding the niche of your musical style in a free market.

    Theres also the possibility that you might just be bad. =)

    The point is when someone is going out to have a good time what would the prefer?

    A game with well known and POPULAR sound tracks thats accesable to the people playing.

    Or a strugling muscicans sound that they wern't going there for in the first place in most cases.

    good luck you your hobby and just remember only the very BEST turn in into there profession

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