Halo 2 Finally Going Platinum Hits?

It looks like Microsoft may add one more title to its Platinum Hits line of budget games—Halo 2. Curiously missing from the line of best-sellers and still ringing up for $US 29.99 at many retailers, the "Best Selling Xbox Game Ever" may finally be slashed all the way down to $US 19.99 when it's saddled with a shiny silver border. Yup, it's time to finally pounce. Pounce, people!

As the box art tells us, Halo 2 plays on Xbox 360, so you really have no reason for it not having a place in your gaming library. Me? I still have plenty of reasons.

No date on this one yet, as we came across it on one of Microsoft's marketing sites. The question: why now? We're asking Microsoft to find out.


    Will australia be recieving this too?

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