Halo 3 Final Run Immortalised in LEGO

The last moments of Halo 3 were really pretty exciting. Fast driving, over-orchestrated theme music, unavoidable deaths—sure it was a bit Halo Kart, but it was an exciting conclusion all the same. But all those polygons pale in comparison to the still LEGO version. (Hit the jump and the picture goes all mega enlarged for you viewing pleasure.) I mean, it's LEGO. Sorry Bungie. It's like a geek trump card on par with light sabers and pictures of halfway attractive women showing cleavage on the internet.

[Flickr via Xbox360Fanboy]


    Now I loves me some Chief but I was disappointed when I got to this level only to find myself doing the same thing I did at the end of Halo:CE, albeit this time it was out in the open instead of in a glorified sardine tin.

    Did it happen in Halo 2, too? I can't even remember. All I _do_ remember is seeing Audrey II make an appearance, yelling "FEED ME!" and then-*shakes head*...I must have blacked out the rest.

    As for the Lego, it's pretty cool. YAY for fiery deaths! Or sth.

    Now all we need is a lego diorama of the final boss in Streets of Rage 2...

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