Halo 3 Laser Command Gets Priced, Photographed

Remember laser tag? Some of you may be too young. But with the coming of Halo 3, laser tag has been reinvigorated with licensing dollars. Last week, Jasman Toys announced new Laser Command toys co-branded with Microsoft/Bungie. This week, we have pictures of the glorious weaponry as it goes on sale at ThinkGeek (along with a few other retailers we're sure). The guns are actually pretty slick, with as much attention to detail as stickered plastic can achieve.

Hit the jump for a video of the guns in action. They are far more impressive when you see...
1. Their absurd sizes.
2. Their absurd firing kickback.

Looks like a fun enough afternoon. The pistol set with run you $US 80, and the rifle is quite a bit more at $US 130.

Halo 3 Laser Pursuit Plasma Weapons [ThinkGeek]Thanks Erik!


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