Halo "Mister Chief" Painting Fetching Over $US 4000 On eBay

Bungie's community manager, content monkey and, now, accomplished pastel artist Frank O'Connor's piece "Here Lies the Last Sip of the Bourgeoisie Malaise Consommé" featuring the infamous Mister Chief from Halo (sort of) is currently going for thousands on eBay. Price tag at time of publish? An impressive $US 4150. With three days to go, there's plenty of time for the original artwork to skyrocket in price.

Why should you care? Proceeds from the auction will go to the Brian Morden Foundation to help fund Ewing's Sarcoma and childhood cancer research. Bust out your checkbook and your goodwill if you've got the cash. If not, read the artist's statement at Bungie.net. It will haunt you.

Heart of Dorkness [Bungie]
Bungie Charity: Original Mister Chief Art [eBay]


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