Havok Goes Free In May

Trying to create your own PC game of you and your friends shooting up your high school but lacking the physics and animation technology to bring the whole project together? Well if you can wait a few months, you can use the same tools you've seen flashed countless times on your TV and computer monitor over the past several years - Havok. Havok is releasing their industry-leading Havok Complete toolset completely free in May. Havok Complete combines the Havok physics engine with Havok Animation, and is already used in over 200 triple-A titles on the market today.

"This is fantastic news for commercial PC game developers as well as the independent game development community, who will really benefit from this move," said Mark DeLoura, creator of the Game Programming Gems series.

Indeed fantastic news, as having powerful tools freely available can really help foster creativity across the industry, while also expanding the market for Havok's add-on products, like the recently announced Cloth and Destruction apps. An extremely long press release follows.


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