Wrap-o-matic: Thursday Night

Havok Goes Free In May
Looks like Havok was keeping a close eye on NVIDIA and AGEIA after all. It’s nice to be right.

Sega Drops Details On Aliens: Colonial Marines
A new Aliens game! Definitely about time. Gearbox deserves a face hug, that’s for sure. Or maybe just a regular hug.

Starbreeze Teams With EA To Reinvent Something
System Shock 3? As much as I’d be happy about the news, that fact that Irrational/2K Aus-Bos wouldn’t be involved doesn’t get my hopes up.

Kill Uwe Boll in Postal 3
Really, who wouldn’t? Heck, if he can mutilate cinema, we should be able to reciprocate – on him.


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