Hello Kitty Online Detects No Sarcasm

Hello Kitty Online hopes to transport its players into a world of sweetness and light. A world without hate. A world without fear. A world, apparently, without a sense of sarcasm. This morning I was pointed towards the main page for Hello Kitty Online, which features a quote I swear I've read before.

"Only one MMO could possibly release World of Warcraft's death grip on the massively multiplayer gaming market - Hello Kitty Online"

*rubs his temples and sighs* I wish I could say it was taken out of context, but to someone who isn't a regular reader of the site my quote does indeed sound like I am Captain Hello Kitty, Champion of the Kittyverse. And while I might secretly relish having such a title on my business cards, I feel I have to offer an explanation lest I start receiving Hello Kitty merchandise from all of my relatives on my birthday and Christmas - other than the toaster I already own, of course. Hello Kitty Online will probably not topple WoW, though 30,000 subscribed beta testers isn't too shabby. If it does end up beating out Blizzard, ignore this post so I can say I called it.
Thank you for the overwhelming response! [Hello Kitty Online - Thanks Brian]


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