Highlander Game Not Sounding Very Highlandery

This is bad news. Not the kind of bad news that'd compel you to clamber up on a rooftop, mind, but it's pretty damn close. The upcoming Highlander game won't feature Kurgan. Not at all. VG247 spoke with the game's executive producer, Luke Timms, who broke the news:

Kurgan, no, but there is one familiar character Highlander fans will be happy to see. Working closely with the original writer - David Abramowitz - ensures that we are in tune with what Highlander fans want and expect.

What, just one? So there's no Kurgan. The main character (ie you) isn't Connor MacLeod of the clan MacLeod. At this rate there probably won't be "Who Wants To Live Forever?" in it either. Widescreen Games, that "familiar" character had best be Juan Sanchez Villa-Lobos Ramirez, or you may as well just pack up and go home.
No Kurgan in Highlander, confirms Widescreen [VG247]


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