How World of Warcraft's 10 Million Subscribers Stack Up To The Rest

We all know that Blizzard's World of Warcraft is just another monumental success in a long line of monumental successes, but how does a 10 million strong subscriber base compare to the competition? There are a lot of massively multiplayer online games out there—EverQuest, Final Fantasy XI, EVE Online, Lineage—but their numbers pale in comparison to the juggernaut, the subscriber-thief that is WoW. According to newly released figures from MMO analyst site, Blizzard's MMO is commanding an impressive 62% of the market. What's even more impressive is its climb to 10 million.

mmog_chart_line.jpgAs you can see, it didn't World of Warcraft long to bypass former worldwide MMO champ Lineage. After that, it never looked back, cruising to 10 million without so much as a stutter. Those numbers don't appear to be tapering off in the slightest.

For anyone who has a remote interest in the MMO market or is surprised by the low numbers for EverQuest and high numbers for Final Fantasy XI, the data is worth looking at. It's also worth a peek if you want to point and laugh at the disaster that is Star Wars Galaxies.

An Analysis of MMOG Subscription Growth - Version 22.0 [ via Waxy]


    Whoot! Go WC! U show them who own's this Neighbourhood.

    Ah, yes. Runescape. My Super arch nemesis. The Copper dagger in my Butt.* its filth still lingers on my finger tips. Oh how u “wasted!” away many of what would have been better days. With your lousy combat system, you’re six hundred or so dozen skill sets that made it feel like one big grind fest. With your over complicated farming skill, and of your praying, and my personal favourite, Fire making! U even got me to click every ten feet to move around the whole damn freak joint.

    I commend u on the fact that I lost near all my items when I died, and made it so, that to do any number of quests, first I would need to do the equivalent of a 12 step fetch quest with that of my skill lvls.

    Indeed, u got me levelling up fishing, so I could then catch the shark I needed, oh but wait. Now the damn thing needs to be cooked! Oh darn, my cooking skill isn’t high enough, oh but I can’t become an amazing chief until I get my Crafting skill up to scratch so I can mould the baking pan required to then cook the damn shark. But how am I going to craft this there pan, without the ore I need. Guess I Gotta to mining first. Then it’s of to the Smithing hut to smelt the ore, to craft the pan to cook the shark, to…. Oh crap, why am I doing this again?

    I think I made my point.

    And no u can’t have my lvl 85 character. Fat chance Hess ever gonna see the light of my monitor again... Can’t say he'll ever walk again too. Barsted...

    *Oh ya. Copper being cheap. Dagger being painfull. And Butt being, my butt that had to sit through it all... God bless Tim Tams.

    It was amazing! Excellent post explain why wow get 10 million Subscribers.

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