I Love You, Cut Your Nose Hairs (With Bonus Manga Man)

To: Crecente
From: Ashcraft

Happy Valentine's Day!

Wife has been sick all day, but the kid was well enough to go to school. I washed the clothes, vacuumed and made Kentucky Fried Chicken for dinner. It was delicious! I haven't been able to get my Wii Fit on today, sadly. Tomorrow, I shall make up for it. As sick as my wife has been, somehow, she was able to sneak away and buy me a Valentine's Day present. (In Japan, guys don't buy things for girls, but get chocolates or w/e from females. A month later, on March 14th, men return the favor and give women chocolates. "White Day" was actually started by Japanese marshmallow makers, but dudes give chocolate these days.) Anyhoo, I didn't get any chocolate from Mrs. Bashcraft — though, I did get a box from her mother.

Wife gave me, are you ready, a nose hair trimmer. Yep. Actually! I was kinda excited to get one, as it is something that I can use. Then again, a gift like this, as useful and welcomed as it is, does pose several questions: Is my wife trying to tell me something? Are my nose hairs really that long? Have others noticed this as well? Why the hell hasn't anyone told me?

Oh, this is interesting and totally unrelated: Remember where we had our Kotaku Tokyo booze fest last year? It was in Shimokitazawa, which is fantastic part of town. (Like if I had to live in Tokyo, I'd live there.) Anyway, here's a neat piece about the only manga street performer in ze world. Not game related at all, but, like I said, neat.

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