Importing Rock Band Just Got Easy Peasy [UPDATE]

A few weeks back, I threw together a little guide to help PAL consumers out should they be weighing up whether to import Rock Band or not. Well, if you're the owner of a region-free PS3, you can chuck that right out the window, because over the weekend Play-Asia began shipping PS3 Rock Band bundles (previously they'd only been selling the standalone software). This comes at a price, however: the pack's shipping for $US 250, which is nearly $US 100 more than it retails for on shelves in the US. Whaddya want, PAL, expediency or value? Because you can't have both.
Rock Band Special Edition [Play-Asia]

UPDATE - We've been told that Play-Asia won't ship any PlayStation-branded products to Europe. Not even Rock Band. Something to do with a bad case of the jitters over the whole Lik-Sang affair. Sorry. For Australians, though, this offer's still good. And remember: as much as Play-Asia are fucking you on price and shipping, it probably won't match the fucking you'll receive at retail whenever the game's released down here.


    Shipping is an extra AU$108 so total is about AU$385
    It won't cost that much when released here will it?

    So it's US$249.90 + US$97.70 postage to my place in Australia which is about AU$380 at the current (high) exchange). Excluding any play-asia coupons.

    Doesn't seem "too" bad...

    Well I ordered it, it was here (sydney) within 24 hours. Much better than getting it off EBay where it costs the same, same for postage and it takes 2-4 weeks.

    Damn you localisation, damn you. You've made me buy it for PS3, instead of xbox, which I have guitars for already.

    I bought mine of ebay, it was incredibly worth it, all up it was just over 300.
    And you can use a american express card with the US PSN store to get all the downloadable content without messing around with other services.
    Now selling Guitar Hero as it is not even half as good.
    I recommend everyone buy it now

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